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KONDIVISION is a web site that allows you to see LIVE STREAMING and ON DEMAND EVENTS. The events offered on KONDIVISION cover all genres: MUSIC, SPORT, VIRTUAL TOUR, CONFERENCES, SACRED EVENTS, WEDDINGS, RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES, THEATER, DANCE, DRONE VIDEO, LESSONS AND MASTERS, GAMING and MUCH MORE ... The quality of transmission  of events mainly has the following video resolutions 1080p, HD, 4K.  Never, as in this last period that we are leaving there has been a strong advance in the creation of tools for the realization of events in LIVE STREAMING.

With the advancement of technologies, the quality of events will always improve both in the transmission and reception of the signal sent. KONDIVISION will adopt the best solutions in order to always offer the best possible service to customers.

KONDIVISION offers for FREE, PAID and with DONATION LIVE STREAMING EVENTS.  An event can only be viewed after an ACCESS TITLE has been selected; by selecting it, customer receives an email with the credentials for viewing.  By clicking on the link on the email received, you will be automatically redirected to the event page and once you have entered the password indicated you can see your event in LIVE STREAMING on the scheduled date or you can see it immediately if it is an ON DEMAND event.

All the events available on KONDIVISION can be viewed via SMARTPHONES, TABLETS, PC or SMART TV.  Once you have seen your event you can always save it on your library and consult it at any time, forever.  For each event visible on KONDIVISION, before obtain it, you can always consult the INFO & DETAILS section through which you can understand what type of event will be broadcast.  Each event has the following description: Start and end date, Start and end time, Place from where the event will be broadcast, type of event.  See a COUNTDOWN that will show you how much time is left for the event to start.  You can also decide to schedule the event to be remembered.

LIVE STREAMING and ON DEMAND EVENTS offered on KONDIVISION.COM can be FREE, PAID or WITH DONATION.  The PAID and DONATION events must be purchased in order to be seen.  In the case of a PAYMENT event, after selecting the type of ACCESS PASS, you will be directed to a payment platform (usually PAYPAL).  Once payment has been made with a CREDIT CARD or a PAYPAL ACCOUNT, you will received automatically an email containing all the information to access the event.  Once the event has been paid for, it will be visible for you forever in your personal archive.  If an event is WITH DONATION, after selecting the ACCESS TITLE, to see the event, you must enter an amount.  Usually, the amount is not indicated, so you can insert the amount you prefer.  The amount to be entered may have a minimum indication (example: MINIMUM DONATION STARTING FROM ......).  When you have entered the amount, you will be directed to a payment platform (PAYPAL).  Once the payment has been made with a CREDIT CARD or a PAYPAL ACCOUNT, you will automatically receive an email containing all the information to access the event.  Once the event has been paid for, it will be visible for you forever in your personal archive.  IMPORTANT: If the payment is made through PAYPAL, it is not necessary to have a paypal account to make the payment with your credit card.

KONDIVISION is a professional web site, therefore all streaming events offered are guaranteed.  If you cannot connect to the event choosen because your signal connection is poor, or the signal is absent or other reasons or if your device (smartphone, tablet, PC, Smart TV) does not work, do not worry, the event you have chosen will always remain available for you, so you can watch it as soon as you solve your connection problems. For this situation no refund   is foreseen. In the remote, but possible hypothesis that the event, for different reasons the scheduled LIVE STRAMING cannot be tramsmitted on the day established time, alternative solutions will be proposed such as: - the replacement of the date  of the event chosen - the replacement with another event of your choice - the refund of the entire amount spent.

It is possible to contact the "CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE SERVICE” by sending an email at INFO@KONDIVISION.COM describing your request IN ENGLISH or ITALIAN language or
by contacting us by phone at (0039) 348 190 89 39 from MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 10:00 to 18:00.

We are ready to help you with any of your needs or requests, whether it be general or technical information.
Contact us: We will answer you in ENGLISH and ITALIAN language.