Informative and legal notes

By viewing and approving the following information and legal notes, you are authorized to publish the events in Live Streaming on the KONDIVISION website.

Kondivision is expressly opposed to any form of violence and to explicitly offensive content.  In particular, the videos that will show and contain the following characteristics will be reported to the competent authorities: Sexually explicit content.  Pornographic content.  Violent content or content that could induce viewers to commit harmful acts, especially if aimed at minors.  Violent content.  Content that promotes or justifies violence against individuals or groups for reasons related to ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, caste, sexual orientation or identity, or content that incites hatred based on  of these characteristics.  You are not allowed to post violent or gory content whose main purpose is to upset, impress or disrespect.  If explicit content will be posted in a documentary or journalistic context, it is recommended that you provide enough information to the public so that they know what the video is about.  Don’t encourage others to commit acts of violence.  It is not allowed to post offensive videos and comments.  If the harassment results in malicious attacks, you can submit a report and the content in question may be removed.  In the event that annoying or petty comments are made during the broadcast of a video, via chat, it is better that these are ignored.  Predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, disclosure of other people’s personal information and incitement to commit violent actions or violate the Terms and Conditions of Use, will be reported to the competent authorities.

Respect Copyright.
Upload only videos made by your own or which you have permission to use. This means that you must not upload videos that you have not created yourself or use content whose copyright belongs to someone else in your videos, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs or videos made by other users, without the necessary permissions.

Be sure you have the necessary authorization.
In general, before shooting a video or posting personal information about other users, you should ask for their authorization and in evaluating whether an individual, within a video, is uniquely identifiable, we recommend that you consider the following aspects : picture or voice, name and surname, financial information, contact information, other personal information. If your video shows the following information, we recommend that you remove, hide or ban it.  In any case, if the video has the listed characteristics, KONDIVISION web site cannot be held responsible for the broadcasting of the material and therefore no form of compensation can be advanced by those who feel violated in their rights.  Any published video may be removed from KONDIVISION web site at any time and without notice, in the event that such video communicate, show actions that may harm people or animals.  Any video that could damage KONDIVISION web site will be removed.  All videos published on KONDIVISION will remain archived and protected in a database.