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If you have a company or an association and you are organizing one or more events and you don’t know how to broadcast them in Live Streaming, if you deal with Live Streaming as a professional or as an amateur and you want to broadcast your event but you are looking for a  multitasking platform different from the usual, KONDIVISION.COM IS THE WEB SITE FOR YOU!

Our web site digital platform offers you the possibility to:

  • Broadcast your Live Streaming event for free in the format you want (1080 – HD – 4K)

  • Being able to sell tickets for your event with different price ranges

  • Receive your sales earnings in a few days

  • Choose whether to let your viewers access privately or public

  • Chat live with the attendees of your event

  • Have a page dedicated to your event on the KONDIVISION website and share it wherever you want

  • Take advantage of our advertising services through the internet and social channels for your events

  • Take advantage of the experience of one of our operators for the filming of your Live Streaming event, even in multi-camera mode

  • Rely on a secure digital system with attention to every detail

  • Have assistance available and ready to help you for any of your needs

  • Upload the video you recorded within 48 hours of the event in case of low quality video transmission
  • 5 hours of Live streaming for your event.
  • and if 5 hours are not enough and you need more time, we will find the solution to your needs.

Contact and tell us about the project you have in mind or what you were organizing but you had to stop.  With us you can do it safely in Live Streaming mode!


KONDIVISION.COM is a web site that allows you to broadcast your events for FREE in LIVE STREAMING and On Demand

It is necessary to FILL IN THE REQUEST FORM that you find on KONDIVISION in the section REALIZE FOR FREE YOUR LIVE STREAMING and accept the INFORMATION and LEGAL NOTES.  As soon as the REQUEST FORM has been sent via email, within 24/72 hours, you will receive the credentials (CUSTOM RTMP STREAM KEY) to broadcast your event in LIVE STREAMING.  Remember to make your request at least one week before your LIVE STREAMING in order to be sure you have received your CUSTOM STREAM KEY.

You can request up to 3 (THREE) CUSTOM STREAM KEYS for FREE per month.
If you intend to carry out more than 3 events per month, send us an email with your request and we will reply quickly. Please note: Once you have logged in for your first request, for the following ones you just need to log in with your credentials and insert only the data necessary for your streaming.

YES. KONDIVISION gives you the possibility to monetize your events, communicating up to three sales prices through the REQUEST FORM. Through the ACCESS TITLES, customers will be able to purchase your event and you will receive confirmation of the purchase by email. This service requires the payment of a surcharge on the sale price and is visible on the REQUEST FORM.  Don't worry, the surcharge will be added to the prices you have communicated, so you will be sent exactly the full amount you have decided. The payment of the sales of the ACCESS TITLES is monthly and is made by the 10th day of the month following the event.

By respecting all the characteristics shown on the INFORMATION and LEGAL NOTES you can broadcast any type of event: MUSIC, SPORT, VIRTUAL TOUR, CONFERENCES, SACRED EVENTS, WEDDINGS, RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES, THEATER, DANCE, DRONE VIDEO, LESSONS AND MASTERS, GAMING and MUCH MORE...There are no limits to what you can transmit and remember, all this for FREE.

We recommend that you make your events the best possible way with the best possible resolution.  Generally you can broadcast your events in 1080p, HD, 4K.  You can also use a lower resolution but the result of the broadcast event will not be the best.

YES. You can request for FREE that your live streaming event can receive feedback from your live streaming viewers. By filling out the REQUEST FORM, you will be asked if you wish to have the CHAT service, if you accept you will be able to see the CHATs that your viewers will send you live and to which you can respond. It is important to establish good contact with viewers are watching you and this service can guarantee it.
REMEMBER: this is also a service that we offer you for FREE.

KONDIVISION allows you to broadcast your events without copyrigh restrictions but remember that in order to broadcast an event in streaming you must have fulfilled the PRIVACY PERMISSIONS. Please, always ask for permission from the people you are hosting the event with or interviewing or sharing personal information about. It is important to always respect anyone's PRIVACY rights;
remember that KONDIVISION can never be held responsible if you щdecide to perform your STREAMING without having fulfilled these permissions. In the REQUEST FORM you will find the INFORMATION and LEGAL NOTES that you have to accept to broadcast your events.

You can send us an email in ENGLISH or ITALIAN to INFO@KONDIVISION.COM or you can contact us by phone at (0039) 348 190 89 39, our "CLIENT SERVICE" is active from MONDAY TO FRIDAY from 10:00 to 18:00  : 00.  We are ready to help you with any of your needs or requests, whether it be general information or technical information.  Contact us: we will reply in ENGLISH and ITALIAN.

KONDIVISION web site, and the events contained therein, are advertised through social channels and search engine. If you want to create a specific advertisement for an event or a series of events that you intend to carry out, send a request via email and we will contact you by sending you our best offer. This service is subject to a fee.

KONDIVISION.COM manages many equipment suitable for broadcasting events in LIVE STREAMING. Contact us: we will send you our proposals to be able иto carry out your multi-camera and audio / video events. Our proposals are competitive and you will be able to realize your events in streaming by spending cheap price but having a complete and serious service; you'll only have to think about the essential things... we'll take care of the remaining part. Schedule your LIVE STREAMING EVENT NOW!

Would you like to broadcast your event but you don't have the equipment to do it?