Unilateral agreement


By accepting the following clauses, the collaboration relationship between N.C.PROJECTS by NALESSO CRISTIANO based in Sestiere Cannaregio n.5826, 30121 Venice, VAT number 03786460273, Codice Fiscale: NLSCST69H14A944F, and the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT for transmission of VIDEO events in LIVE STREAMING of any kind (for any kind we mean everything included in the informative and legal notes), through the platform called KONDIVISION.COM.  These events can be broadcast both in real time, LIVE STREAMING, or deferred, ON DEMAND, uploaded to the platform after the event has taken place.

 The method of this process will take place as follows: N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO will provide the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT with the credentials to be able to perform LIVE STREAMING EVENT (by RTMP URL, STREAM KEY) or to be able to upload it (LINK).

The credentials for VIDEO / AUDIO transmission will be granted to the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT FREE OF CHARGE.

Once LIVE STREAMING EVENT has been uploaded, it will be made visible through the web site called KONDIVISION.COM, and will be made accessible to the audience.  The audience will be able to access the event after get an  “ACCESS TITLE” from KONDIVISION.COM web site; the “ACCESS TITLE” can be FREE, PAID, WITH DONATION.  After obtaining the “ACCESS TITLE” customer will receive an email with credentials to be able to connect to the event that will be visible on a special page on KONDIVISION.COM web site.  The event will be available and visible within KONDIVISION.COM for no less than 7 (seven) days from the time it will be broadcast.  In order to shoot the event, the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT confirms to N.C. PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO that it has completed all the formalities of PRIVACY POLICY with all the participants in the event transmitted, both protagonists and spectators, as well as all those who participated to the realization of the event.  IN ANY CASE N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO be held responsible in case the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT has not completed the PRIVACY POLICY formalities and any sanctions or claims for compensation for damages WILL NOT IN ANY CASE fall to N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO.  Regarding COPYRIGHTS of music, videos, texts, images, these must be completed in advance by the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT and any claims for compensation for loss of earnings or for omission of SIAE, COPYRIGHT,  PRIVACY RIGHTS in Italy and abroad, WILL NEVER BE CONSIDERED N.C.PROJECTS of NALESSO CRISTIANO fault.

FREE LIVE STREAMING and / or On Demand event published on KONDIVISION web site will be broadcast FREE OF CHARGE.

The events included on KONDIVISION.COM web site owned by N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO will be sold to the public EXCLUSIVELY through ACCESS TITLES. A surcharge of 20% (TWENTY% – VAT and extra CHARGES included) will be applied to the original ticket price as a FINANCIAL COLLECTION SERVICE and that it will remain entirely for the benefit to N.C.PROJECTS by NALESSO CRISTIANO. This amount may be subject to change without this change being communicated to the counterparty.

If a Live Streaming and / or On Demand event is purchased in “WITH DONATION” mode, kondivision web site will collect the proceeds on behalf of the RECIPIENT OF THIS CONTRACT and will transfer the amount by the 10th day of the month following the event exception of the FINANCIAL COLLECTION SERVICE and BANKING SERVICE FEES equal to: from €. 0.01 up to €. 5.00, it will be retained 50% of the total amount – from €. 5.01 to €. 10.00, it will be retained 30% of the total amount – from €. 10.01 and over, it will be retained 25% of the total amount. The commission percentage may be subject to change but at the same time this change will be communicated to the counterparty.

The payment of the sales will be paid within the 10th day of the month following the event day transmitted.
The amount will be paid to the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT net of the financial collection service.
A regular INVOICE will be sent at the same time for the VAT-free financial intermediation service, pursuant to art.  10, paragraph 1, n.  9), of Presidential Decree no.  633/1972 Italian law.
The COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT will have to complete all the formalities of certification of the fees and of the taxes payment relating to the sale of the ACCESS TITLES.
N.C. PROJECTS DI NALESSO CRISTIANO cannot be held responsible if tax obligations are not fulfilled.

Whether the event is free, on sale or by donation, to access it it will be necessary to acquire a personal “ACCESS TITLE” by login. Customer will receive a personal email containing the credentials to access the event and the  COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT will receive the acquisition confirmation email.

N.C. PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO will be able to insert one or more ADVERTISING SPOTS within the event in both LIVE STREAMING and ON DEMAND directives, at the beginning and / or at the end of the event.
An event will be able to view within 7 days after Customers who have purchased a “ACCESS TITLE”
After a short period, usually calculated in 7 (seven) days, from the moment the event is transmitted or uploaded on KONDIVISION.COM website, all data transmitted will be stored by N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO.

After that, the event will become ON DEMAND and will be offered for sale on KONDIVISION web site at the minimum price of Ђ .5.00 or other higher amount. This sale amount will be divided in equal parts (50% and 50%) between N.C. PROJECTS of NALESSO CRISTIANO and the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT. The payment of the sales made will take place by the 10th day of the month following the purchase. When the On Demand event is purchased, the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT will receive an email containing the information of the purchase;  it will also be visible in a personal back office dedicated to the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT always available.

Live Streaming or On Demand event purchased by the user will become part of a library always available.

In an event that for technical reasons due to lack or poor connection, unsuitable equipment or any other reason and the problem cannot be carried out, N.C.PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO in any case will be held responsible for the incident, therefore no requests for reimbursement may be advanced for non-realization of the event.
N.C. PROJECTS di NALESSO CRISTIANO will provide the COUNTERPART OF THIS AGREEMENT only with the credentials to connect for realize the LIVE STREAMING.

The parties authorize each other to process and communicate their data in compliance with privacy pursuant to Legislative Decree 30.6.2003, n.196, Italian law.
For any dispute the competent court is the one in Venice, Italy.

Address: sestiere Cannaregio 5826
30121, Venice, Italy
VAT Number 03786460273
Fiscal Code NLSCST69H14A944F
Phone (0039) 348.1908939
email: info@kondivision.com